Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disassembeling a LiPo

This is one of my first 3s LiPos that is pretty much useless now (wasn't damaged), so i decided to disassemble it.
Cut off the blue casing by taking an exacto knife. I cut a little notch and then it simply ripped down the case.

The balance connector and main terminal connectors

I didn't want to risk un-soldering, so, i carefully trimmed off the balance wires, then the main leads.  

To separate the cells, i used a plastic table knife and gently sawed them apart. The adhesive smelled really bad, but it at least it wasn't sweet ( a sweetish smell from a LiPo = fire).

As seen in the pictures, this 3S LiPo has three cells each with a nominal voltage of 3.7V and a capacity of 2200mah. Put three of these in series and you have 11.1V, the nominal voltage of a 3S LiPo battery. If the batteries is in series, the voltage increases, but the capacity is the same as the individual cells. In parallel the battery would have the same voltage as the individual cells, but the capacity of each cell is essentially "added". So, if these were wired in parallel, it would've been a 1S (3.7V) 6600mah LiPo battery.

And as the Mythbusters have said:
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