Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SDSMT FSAE Adventures?

Now that i'm in college i can finally join clubs that i can actually do fun stuff in. High school robotics was ok, but that doesn't compare to racing a Formula SAE car around a track. My college has had this program for a while so we have some older cars for new students to drive (dubbed the 03 car). It had some issues so we had to fix those first before driving.

This is the 2003 car for new drivers. 2012 car seen on left

New uprights being installed. 

Wheel centers ready to be greased + bearings

Everything installed -- bleeding brakes.

The pedals and the master cylinder open for the front disk brakes

Oil system upclose

Start time! almost...

Yay, it works!

Sprocket is moving around too much, we'll have to take it apart.

Quick vid of the 2013 car starting. Sounds bad cause of the fuel maps. 

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