Sunday, May 18, 2014

How To Mod a NERF Raider CS-35

I won a Nerf Raider at a school event and so naturally I had to mod it.
A nice overview of the gun (and my mess).

Remove hilt screws.

Remove screws from the ''cocker''

Get all the other screws on this face of the gun. Should be quite a few.

Remove screws from the grip

Remove two screws from the stock.

Pull off the stock and then gently split the two halves. If it doesn't come off easily, you probably missed a screw.

All of the parts removed from the base.

Remove the plastic bar the connects the trigger and piston assembly. 

pull out trigger.

Release the spring and remove the square piece.

Remove the tube from the piston.

Remove the piston and you should see something like this.

Remove these rails

Now you can remove this piece so the door can open at any time.

Now we have to remove the A/R. I used a screwdriver, pliers and a bit of brute force.

I also removed the safety clip in the magazine release. 

Its the orange piece on the far right here.

Put it back together.

Next we're gonna add a little more oomph to the rifle by decreasing the amount of room the spring has to compress.

One of my old 6 shot barrels fits over the CS-35's perfectly so I trimmed a bit off.

Blue tape to hold it down there.

Trimmed to not interfere with the other parts

Added some paper towels to the bottom so the piston doesn't hit so hard on the return as some people have broken their guns like this.

Time to put it back together.

I added a bit of lube to keep the seal from drying out.

I put some tape around a small air hole for a bit of extra power.

Make sure you get the trigger in right.

Press that case back on and make sure you don't miss any screws.

All done!