Friday, February 17, 2012

2 Liter Bottle Water Rockets

With five days off of school what better is there to do than make 2 liter pop bottle rockets? Not much, i think. I have a few designs of the rocket made up in CAD and the launcher too. But, i still need to go buy some of the fittings for attaching bottles together and for the launcher before i can build. I had a female-female fitting that works perfectly with two liter bottles, so that was much easier(attaching two bottles together at the "mouth"). I think ill use some nylon couplers similar to these for connecting two ends of the bottles together:


  1. How much pressure is needed for the rocket to achieve enough thrust to launch?

    1. you could probably launch with 10psi, but it just wont go far. 50psi gives a pretty impressive distance. you also gotta have the right ratio of water (about 1/3 full)