Sunday, May 13, 2012

er9x Quadcopter Setup

Now that i have the er9x firmware on the Turnigy 9x, i have to change some of the settings so that it works with MWC. I'd recommend you read through the er9x manual here. It tells you how to navigate the menus and pretty much anything you need to do to get started.

First, you need to calibrate the sticks so that the TX knows how far the sticks can move. My values were completely wrong when i first flashed the er9x firmware, so this is required.
1. Press and hold the + button for a second to get into the radio setup menu.
2. Press + again to get to screen 6/6
3. Follow onscreen instructions.

Next, I changed some cosmetic settings.
1. go to the Radio Setup menu again and go to 1/6, Use the UP/DN buttons to move between options.
2. Set the Owner Name by moving to it and then pressing Menu. Now use UP/DN to change the character and +/- to change position in the name.
3. I also changed the Beeper(how loud it is), Battery Warning(good for use with LiPos), and Inactivity Alarm(if i forget to turn it off :)) options here. You can change the TX Mode at the very last option(default is 2).

Now for the more useful mixing, trim, channel setup.
1. From the home screen, press and hold the - button for a second to get into the Model Setup screen.
2. All of the lines should be blank and the first one having a * next to it meaning it is selected.
3. Now press - to go to 2/10; Name, Trim Inc, Proto PPM, E. Limits, and Trainer are the settings you might have to change.
4. Go to the 10/10 menu and select the Simple 4Ch Template; its a good way to start.
5. Go to 5/10; this has tons of features, but all we want to do is change which channels output what signal. Move down until Ch1 is selected, then press menu. The top option of the menu is the only one that needs to be changed. I choose AIL(roll) because the Ch1 port on the RX is connected to the roll pin on the MWC board. Once you have the correct setting, press exit. Now go down until Ch2 is underlined and do the same as you did for Ch1. And then for Ch3, Ch4, Ch5(AUX 1 for me), Ch6(AUX 2 for me).
AIL is roll, ELE is pitch, THR is throttle, RUD is yaw, P1 is the Hov.Pit pot, P2 is the Gear pot, P3 is the Pit. Trim pot.
6. Go to 6/10; this allows you to change Subtrim(what the center value of the stick is when centered), and End Points(what the values are for when the stick is all the way UP/DN or L/R.) Subtrim for each channel needs to be at 1500, and the low point needs to be 1000, high point 2000. They wont be perfect, but get them as close as possible(you can set a dead zone with the MWC code if you need too). The first column is Subtrim, next is low point, last is high point. The row is for each channel that you just set is step 5. So, use UN/DN to move between channels, and +/- to move between Subtrim/low/high, Menu to select value to change, then +/- to change value, Menu to finalize value. This is where the MWC computer GUI comes in; it allows you to see in live time where the center is of each channel and how high/low they go. So, get your quad all powered up and connected to the GUI.
a. Move all sticks(and AUX pots) to center, and then set the subtrim with +/- for each channel so that all values in the GUI are very close to 1500.
b. Setting low/high points; for Ch1 I choose AIL(roll), so ill select the low point for Ch1, move the AIL(roll) stick all the way to the left, then adjust the vlaue with +/- until it is at 1000 int the GUI for roll. Then I'll select the high point and move the stick all the way to the right and then adjust the vlaue with +/- until it is at 2000 int the GUI for roll.

Aux Switches/Channels
Here i will go through how to setup two Aux channels(5+6) for the 3pos F.MODE switch and the 2Pos AIL switch.
1. Go to the Mixer(5/10) and go down so that your first Aux channel(most likely CH5) is underlined and hold menu(this creates a MIX in CH5).
2. Source should be Half, Weight -100, then go down to Switch, and change it to ID0. Go back to the previous menu(EXIT button).
3. Make sure CH5 is underlined again and hold menu. This creates another MIX in CH5.
4. Source should be Half, Weight 100, then go down to Switch, and change it to ID2. Go back to the previous menu.
5. Done with 3Pos.
6. Move the cursor so that CH6 is underlined and hold menu.
7.  Source should be FULL, Weight 100, then go down to Switch, and change it to AIL. This is not the AIL  stick, it is the AIL switch; this also applies for the ELE, THR, RUD switches. Look at page 9 of the manual PDF to see the names of the switches(or just look on the TX). Go back to the previous menu.
8. Done! Now go to the main screen and press DN until you get to the screen that shows you the current values of the channels. Test the switches. Now you can go into the MitiWii config GUI and change the function of the switches.

What about Trainer mode?
1. After i got all of the stuff setup for regular control, i went back to 1/10 in the Model Setup menu, moved to the model I made, and held down Menu(this duplicates the model). Then i changed the name to Trainer or something so i could distinguish between the two. Then i went to the Radio Setup 1/6, and turned on trainer mode.
2. 2/6 of Radio Setup is the Trainer menu. The THR on the left stands for your THR channel. Change OFF to := if you want the trainer to have complete control of the channel, += means they have partial control. Change the % to the percentage of the channel you want the trainer to control. Then change the ch1 to the channel of the trainer that is THR(or AIL or whatever).


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