Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY Computer Racing Wheel Setup

The main goal is to build a Racing Wheel for a computer out of a soon-to-be-scrapped 92 Ford Taurus. Since it's going to the scrap, it doesnt really matter what happens to it. Hehe. So, I've been taking apart random parts to learn about them. :) The  photos area bit lacking but should get the point across.

There she is :D

OBDuino Project

The goal of this project is to interface an Arduino with car OBDII diagnostics to display telemetry for the driver. This project first started because I wanted a tachometer in my automatic 2002 Prizm. I found one of those super cheap tachs on ebay, but hey, whats the fun in that? Here is a toyotanation (forum) post on that tach and install for most ~2000 Toyota Corollas. This tach works by reading the IGN or ignition pulse from the diagnostic port.