Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY Computer Racing Wheel Setup

The main goal is to build a Racing Wheel for a computer out of a soon-to-be-scrapped 92 Ford Taurus. Since it's going to the scrap, it doesnt really matter what happens to it. Hehe. So, I've been taking apart random parts to learn about them. :) The  photos area bit lacking but should get the point across.

There she is :D

ooh what's under the valve cover? And that's an intake manifold in the top left. It's not this particular model, but the Ford Taurus SHO (stock) can beat Mustangs easily. Quite interesting

This is the front dash where the steering wheel was. The two shafts are the brakes and the steering column. I've also taken off the gauge cluster as it may turn out to be a nice addition (RC car FPV?).

I took out my modded radio.

Here i have the gas and brake petals, the gauge cluster, and some awesome switches!

Here's the steering wheel after a bit of modification. I've removed most of the mechanical and electrical parts and got rid of that awful grey color

Here is the rear part of the wheel / Steering column. It was quite heavy and the mounts were to far back for this project, so after removing it (dang spring) I have something to work with.

This is the mount between the two pieces which allowed for the wheel angle adjustment.

I painted the wheel glossy black and the mechanics behind it flat black. I wanted some blue, but i couldn't find any blue spray paint. :(

Ooo whats that? :D I was working on this racing wheel project and I see this "in" my neighbors trash. I think i'll have to ... grab that. I got plans for this!

Now, back to work: I have to figure out how this whole thing will be mounted

I also took this off when the steering wheel came out of the car. :D

Electrically ignited explosives... hmmm

Any ways, I also cut off the "loops" of the wheel so it is less cumbersome while in use.

Here is a mounting bracket that i slimmed down with a dremel to fit the modded wheel better. 

Next i did some trimming on the wheel mount to get rid of excess material so I could mount it better. Here is the second mount which should allow me to have some sort of variable angle too.

More coming later.

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