Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to EASILY Dump your Android's Rom!

Well, I guess that is relative. There is no one click method for this, however, this the easiest i've found.

How to Root Any Android with Froyo (2.0)

The goal of this post is to show you how to root an Android device that runs the Froyo firmware, aka v2.0. I  found a LG Apex in the electronics recycling (pretty rare to find an android) and of course wanted to tinker with it. Just like with any other new project, you need to read as much as possible so you dont screw anything up. Rooting is actually quite simple: people have made programs that do it for you (just a few clicks).

Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Management Stuff

I have made a few changes and am thinking about a few others. I changed the templates to something a little easier to read and see hyperlinks in text. I also found some new code box html code. Do you like the new stuff? Should I do page breaks in longer posts (lots of scrolling)?

That is if anyone cares :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

R/C Themed Car Media Controls

The goal of this project is to interface some sort of media player with my radio with media controls easily accessible. After washing my ipod and the cellphone battery not fixing it (soemthing was drawing excessive current and killing the battery within a day of not being used (a new ipod battery didn't fix it either). So i set off with another idea: use my netbook.

-has my entire music collection
-can be interfaced with an arduino through processing.
-arduino will handle all the control interface reading.
-runs linux which is awesome
-Amarok media player

Friday, May 3, 2013

Replace A-Arm and Steering Assembly on 1/16th scale 25A SCT RC from HobbyKing.

First off NEVER EVER drive these RCs without the body unless your are on some flat, huge surface. Hitting something will most likely break off the A-arms without the body protection. Long story short, I broke one and finally did this repair after the ~9.00$ of parts came in. I got all of these parts to be less than the first tier ~100g package, so shipping was only ~2.00$ :D.

Dogbone 2 pcs - 118B, A2023T and A20351IN STOCK
Front Shock Complete 2 pcs - 118B, A2023T and A20351IN STOCK
Front Susp.arm - L/R 2 pcs - 118B, A2023T and A20351IN STOCK
Steering Drag Link 1pc - 118B, A2023T and A20351IN STOCK

The parts.

RC Power Wheels Jeep

This post is about the Power Wheels Jeep I found in my neighbors trash while working on the Racing Wheel project. I plan on slimming it down, PAINTING IT, and turning it into a RC Power Wheels (on a low budget).

When I saw it, I was thinking it would be very unlikely any thing was severely wrong with it.