Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to EASILY Dump your Android's Rom!

Well, I guess that is relative. There is no one click method for this, however, this the easiest i've found.

1. Root your device (Froyo firmware guide here). this is quite simple for any Android. Search Google for: <Android Version> root. Roots can be device specific, so check that too. <Phone name> <Android Version> root ? Look at that link for how to find the version. Most times it will involve downloading and app on your phone, or doing it from a computer.
2. Go to the Market app on your device, search for Terminal, tap the first result, and install it.
3. Go to the Browser  app and download romdump. Nothing to install, so next step
4. Open the Terminal app you installed in step 2.
5. Type: su It should give you no errors and go to another # on the next line. Rooting allows you type su which gives you permissions to do stuff in the system.
6. Type cp /sdcard/download/romdump /data/local (NOTE space between ...romdump and /data...)
7. Type /data/local/romdump This will run the dumping program. It will give output like:
Dumping kernel config... done.
Dumping boot partition... done.
Dumping recovery partition... done.
Dumping system partition... done.
Creating Checksums... done.
Cleaning up... done.
All done.

7. Disable USB debugging by going to Settings app, Applications, Development, and un-checking USB Debugging.
8. Plug in your device to your computer with the (most likely) micro-USB port somewhere on the device.
9. With USB debugging disabled, the device should now prompt you to enable USB storage when plugged in to your computer. Tap enable. Your computer should make the "new device sound" and a new storage device will show up just like a flash drive.
10. On your computer, go to the new storage icon the pops up on your desktop or in the Computer folder, etc. Make sure the romdump folder has the files in it and then copy it to your computer.

You now have the roms of your Android device, Happy Hacking!


  1. It gives an error about permissions when trying to run romdump. Permission Denied

    1. have you rooted your phone? if so, did you type su before doing the romdump?

    2. Hi, Just run chmod 777 /data/local/romdump before running it.

      It should work

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  3. hi Jordan
    during the dumping process of my TWZ AA8 stock Rom i received this message

    "Dumping kernel config.../proc/config.gz: No such file or directory"

    I checked in the Romdump directory of my sdcard and all required files (boot.img - checksum.md5 - recovery.img - - system.tar) were succesfully copied, including config.gz but no infos about the size of that file.
    Any advise? Thanks

    1. nah your fine: its just something that happens on some phones. if not sure there is a way to check size you could connect your andriod via usb mass storage and check the dumped config.gz

  4. Edit: i was guessing if i should change permissions in the properties of romdump.bin file...

  5. the dumped config.gz has 0 bytes...

  6. Hello. Could you tell me how do I convert these dumped files into a package which I can deploy if I brick my phone?

    Thanks in advance

    1. you should be able to flash these files back to your phone using fastboot. ill just write a new blog post about fastboot and adb etc and how to tranfer files / install APKs etc. im sure plenty of people have that question so what the heck haha

  7. Boot.IMG and recovery .img not found