Friday, May 3, 2013

Replace A-Arm and Steering Assembly on 1/16th scale 25A SCT RC from HobbyKing.

First off NEVER EVER drive these RCs without the body unless your are on some flat, huge surface. Hitting something will most likely break off the A-arms without the body protection. Long story short, I broke one and finally did this repair after the ~9.00$ of parts came in. I got all of these parts to be less than the first tier ~100g package, so shipping was only ~2.00$ :D.

Dogbone 2 pcs - 118B, A2023T and A20351IN STOCK
Front Shock Complete 2 pcs - 118B, A2023T and A20351IN STOCK
Front Susp.arm - L/R 2 pcs - 118B, A2023T and A20351IN STOCK
Steering Drag Link 1pc - 118B, A2023T and A20351IN STOCK

The parts.

Uh oh, wheres the other wheel, lol.

Here are all of the screws you need to fix the steering. If the A-arm is the only thing broken, you dont ahve to take these out.

Better view.

You don't have to take out the center four, I just did to clean it a bit. 

From the other side.

Once those screws are out, you can pull off the front bumper and pull off the old A-arm.

Put the new one on and make sure its in the right orientation and L or R.

Cleaning time! Check the servo saver while you're here too. 

Time to swap over the old A-arm parts to the new A-arm. For some reason when I put it back, the steering was getting caught on something. I added seem spacers on that front to back brace and it cleared fine.

There is a E-clip that holds the c-block to the A-arm: to get this off, use some fine tipped pliers (blue arrow).

I put on the dog-bones, new springs, and put the wheel back on etc. I put the ESC back together and did some waterproofing with hot glue :P.

Charging the 1800mah 2s LiPo that I got to test fit. 

Te-da! Running this thing again showed me just how ballistic this thing is for its size :D.

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