Friday, March 23, 2012

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Java!

I thought id try out Java as it is widely used in high school, college, and my favorite reason; Android development! I've already done some limited C# stuff, so, as other people have said, its a easy transition. I'm currently using the Netbeans IDE, and most likely will stick with it. So far by biggest "complaint" has been typing 'System.out.println("stuff"")' every time i want to print something to console. Visual Studio, which is where I do C# code, has way better auto complete and can learn fairly quickly what is typed a lot in console programs: Console.Writeline("stuff");. Don't get me wrong, Nebeans does have auto complete, just not to the extent of C#, and putting the most used code to the top of the pop up list.

I found this awesome site which starts at the basics(not because i need to start at the basics :P), but so that i can find the differences between C# and Java. They had a simple switch statement that had a random input of one to three and was used as an example for guessing Rock, Paper, or Scissors (RPS). For some reason this got stuck in my head, so I made a console RPS game. RockPaperScissors.jar file Source: You can open the .jar file on any computer that has Java installed (i guarantee you every computer does :)) with this command in the command prompt(windows) or terminal(osx): java -jar /path/to/jarfile.jar

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