Saturday, March 24, 2012

Resistor Color Codes with Speech Recognition.

As I was cleaning(ish) my work area, i noticed how annoying it is having to look up resistor codes. I thought it would be fun to do a voice recognition program in C# with the SAPI, the Microsoft Speech API, to help me. I have successful been able to speak resistor color codes, and get a value in ohms, or k ohms etc, spoken back by the computer. Its OK, but the recognition is pretty sketchy, and probably requires more time to get the words precise enough than it takes to use a standard resistor code calculator. I'm still trying to find a way to recognize all types of numbers so that i can do a value to color code conversion too.
Binary: WindowsFormsApplication1.exe. Source: WindowsFormsApplication.ZIP There is a info button that tells you what you have to say, but only the "five band value" and "four band value" commands work currently.

Additionally, i have been doing some windows phone developing. I have to say, windows phone is a pretty good phone from a end user stand point(lots of good features, UI). But from a developer standpoint, its missing a LOT of functions that would be very helpful in making apps( ex some FM radio stuff, the entire Bluetooth function). is the source for a simple TCPIP program that sends messages between the phone and a computer on the same LAN network.

Both of these programs are in no way 100% done, but i will eventually fix them all up and make them more usable :)

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